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Minimalist Living, Sustainability & Modern Comfort

Our Tiny Houses

Tiny Hygge designs, develops and sells Tiny houses throughout Europe. We want to develop a living space that is sustainable and at the same time offers a high quality living experience.


Our mobile Tiny Houses are of the highest quality. We attach great importance to ecological construction with respect for the environment - we remain in harmony with nature. A new, natural and thoughtful living experience

Minimalist Living, Sustainability & Modern Comfort


Available at short notice

Our flexibility allows us to deliver a Tiny House quickly and at short notice.


No assembly necessary

The Tiny House is delivered pre-assembled on a trailer. You can start right away.


No building permit

A Tiny House that is classified as a mobile home does not require a building permit. 


No know-how necessary

You don't need any previous experience - our Tiny Hygge team is here to help you.... 

Life in Tiny House

Trial living

If you've ever wanted to try a simpler lifestyle. Scandinavia's first Tiny House Camp Resort is perfect for trying out the concept of living in a Tiny House. The houses are located right on the beach and have all the amenities and comforts of home. So why not take the plunge and see what it's all about?

Tiny Hygge - for unforgettable experiences

Tiny House Use Cases

With the rise of minimalism and eco-friendly living, mobile Tiny Houses are becoming increasingly popular. A mobile Tiny House is a great way to enjoy life without sacrificing comfort and affordability. Whether it's a vacation home, office, or custom build, there's a Tiny House for everyone.

Tiny House Lifestyle

Many who embrace the Tiny House lifestyle use minimalism to create cozy, functional homes that make the most of space and are designed to be more energy efficient. We delve into the lifestyle and current sustainability and vacation trends on the Tiny Hygge blog.

Tiny Hygge Blog


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