Tiny office

Tiny houses as office

Welcome to Tiny Hygge - the perfect office of the future! Whether you're working from home, heading to the beach, or creatively expanding existing office buildings, these tiny houses give you an unparalleled perspective on getting things done.


You'll never lack inspiration in a Tiny Hygge mobile home; as soon as you step inside, you'll be surrounded by comfort and tranquility. Our stylish interiors are designed to combine work-life balance and productivity with rest and relaxation. With natural textures and muted hues, our tiny homes give you the perfect environment for work - without sacrificing your sense of leisure.

"Small rooms or dwellings discipline the mind, large ones weaken it."



Work-life balance

Tiny Houses as an innovative workplace solution promotes work-life balance.


Creativity and innovation

Looking for ways to bring more creativity and innovation into your work life?



Tiny houses support your company's sustainability strategy. 

Comfort at work

Tiny Hygge is also about comfort: each house is built in less than a day and equipped with all the amenities you need for your everyday life. We use energy-efficient materials and technologies to ensure our products are both environmentally friendly and aesthetically pleasing. We even have storage options for every lifestyle, so you'll always have room for all the things you need when you're working remotely or traveling light.


With Tiny Hygge you can transform any space into an inspiring oasis in just a few steps. Whether you're transforming your home office or turning your beach into a workspace, take advantage of this unique opportunity to find freedom, originality and innovation all in one package.


Our Tiny House models