The Tiny Seaside is our top model. The Tiny House offers all the prerequisites for a luxurious living experience that is second to none.

Seaside is the ultimate Tiny House for vacationers or guests who value comfort. The modern design offers a raised hygge area perfect for lounging and the large picture window offers the possibility of a fantastic view. On the upper floor there is enough space to rest.


The Seaside model has a great kitchen and a practical bathroom with rain shower and underfloor heating, equipped with all modern comforts. Maximum use of the 21m² combined with clever storage space make Seaside an absolute space wonder.


The use of Japanese cedar for exterior cladding is an Ideal choice for a Sustainable construction that is sustainable, easy to maintain and elegant.


Get ready - Seaside is waiting for you!


Basic data

Floor plan


Gross area: about 21 m2

Weight: up to 3,500 kg

Capacity: 2+2 pers.


Width: 2.50 m

Height: 3,40m

4.0m height incl. trailer

Floor plan without trailer


Delivery time


3-4 months from date of order or used available for immediate purchase.

Tiny Seaside - Video Tour

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