Vacation trends

Tiny Houses - fully in trend

The Tiny House movement has been on the rise for years and is now becoming a popular vacation trend. If you want to experience something special this summer that your friends will be envious of, then staying in a Tiny House might be just the thing for you. Here's what you need to know about this exciting new trend.

Your time out

Longing for a break from the hustle and bustle of everyday life? Escape to our Tiny Houses in the paradise of nature! Surrounded by a breathtaking view of the sea, you'll feel right at home and still have the serenity you need.


With all the amenities you need, these little marvels will make your vacation a truly hyggelige experience!

Future camping trends

We see the following trends in camping and with our concept we try to meet these fast growing trends:


An electric car has less range than a caravan and significantly less towing capacity.

Easy travel

Enabling camping vacations for lightweight travelers without cars.

TH VideoTour

Urban camper

Campers from the big city, now have access to the lifestyle through Tiny houses.


Connected Camping allows you to work remotely while staying in nature.

No traces

Leave the environment exactly as you find it - untouched and beautiful.

Tiny Hygge for unforgettable experiences

In our Tiny Houses you live directly on the beach and nothing stands in the way of your unique vacation at the water's edge of the Danish Baltic Sea.


Experience how less is more and enjoy the Scandinavian lifestyle. The direct view of the sea lets you experience the impressive sunrises and sunsets of Kegnæs up close.


Relaxation has never been so simple.

Curious? Check it out

Nature pure

Deceleration pure

Recreation pure

Experience true hygge and enjoy the beauty of nature in its purest form right by the sea.

Try a vacation in a Tiny House?

Are you looking for something special that will add a touch of magic to your Baltic Sea vacation? Then Tiny Seaside is just the thing for you! Our Tiny Houses offer a unique experience with breathtaking views and impressive sunrises. The cozy houses are equipped with all the comforts despite their small size, so it's hard not to get into hygge mode here!