Special design

Something completely different...

If you're looking for something unique and out of the ordinary, our custom designs are perfect! We develop together on your idea. You can also rent a functional tiny house. How about the Tiny Spa, for example?

Tiny Spa

We've pushed the boundaries with our mobile Tiny House, which offers a luxurious spa and sauna experience. Experience a customized Tiny Spa experience that will exceed all your expectations.

Tiny Gym

Our mobile Tiny Gym offers a unique way to work out. With a small size and cozy atmosphere, the Tiny Gym is the perfect place for you to build strength and endurance and develop a healthier lifestyle. 

Tiny Bar

Whether you're at a wedding, corporate event, or just want to hang out with friends, our mobile Tiny Bars can help you create the perfect atmosphere in any outdoor space and impress your guests.



Ideas development

We brainstorm and develop your ideas for the Tiny custom design. Only the imagination and the budget set limits. 


Concept creation

Together we develop the concept, the feasibility and create a 3D drawing and a quote.



We will build your custom home, with the chosen materials and features, and deliver your mobile Tiny dream home.

Special design please?

We'll help you turn your vision into reality - the possibilities are endless!
No idea is too big or too small, from concept to implementation we'll bring your dream to life. If you want to rent, we can make it happen. Just get in touch!