Tiny houses for insurance companies

Tiny Houses are a cost-effective and environmentally friendly way for individuals and families to live. Insurance companies are increasingly recognizing the potential that Tiny Houses offer for housing people in difficult living situations.

Opportunities as a service package

Insurance companies are now offering Tiny Houses as alternative housing or re-housing for customers affected by disasters or natural catastrophes. Insurance companies can take advantage of this opportunity by offering Tiny House rentals as part of their service packages. This offers customers a solid solution to find security, dignity and stability in times of turmoil or upheaval in their lives.

Our Tiny Houses

Our Tiny Houses close the gap between traditional houses and simple accommodations. The mobile Tiny Houses are usually 15-25m² in size, have all the amenities of a traditional house such as electricity, heating and cooling systems, plumbing, kitchens and bathrooms. They are also made of high quality materials that guarantee a long life in any environment.

Solutions for difficult life situations



In case of disasters and natural catastrophes, Tiny houses help to rebuild.


Security, Dignity & Stability

In times of turmoil and upheaval - Tiny Houses give security in life.

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An effective and inexpensive support that can provide immediate assistance.

Innovative customer service

In this way, insurance companies can offer their customers effective and meaningful assistance in times of crisis, and help families rebuild. By taking a more innovative approach to customer care, insurance companies can support their customers cost-effectively - and offer effective and meaningful help in times of crisis.

Re-housing customers quickly and cost-effectively?

What advantages a Tiny House can have over traditional forms of temporary housing. If you're interested, let's learn more about Tiny House for insurance companies right now!